Source Code Wikia

This is the section for frequently asked questions (FAQ) being answered.


  • How do I participate in this community?
    • Easy. Just create an account, and click Add Page.
  • How do I create an article? I'm not a computer genius.
    • You don't have to be one. Go onto, copy the link of the website you want to create an article off. Then, click View and wait. After it's done loading, copy the code and create an article. For the article name, enter the website name with the domain, and without the https and www. Then put Source Code. Paste the Source Code into the article, save the page, add it into the Articles category, and you're good to go.
  • I was trying to save a page, but it said it was blacklisted and reported to the spam filter. Help!
    • Then move on to another website and don't create the blacklisted page.
  • What if the code messes up the page like on the article Source Code?
    • Well, I don't know what to tell you. I guess just move on.
  • My article doesn't have the words Source Code in it! What do I do?
    • Go to Contact by putting your cursor on Help underneath the header, and click Contact. Report your problem (if it's not on the FAQ page) and send it to me. I'll rename it.
  • Do I change anything when I paste the source code.
    • No. Just publish the article after that. Don't forget to add it to the Articles category.