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lass="speciallink">Welcome to the to the Source Code Wiki
the free open source code (containing full source from various websites) wiki that anyone can edit since June 2018.

What is this wiki about?

Pasted source code from various websites exposed on this wiki.

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Welcome to The Source Code Wiki!

The Source Code Wiki is all about source code pasted from other websites, (and maybe even games soon) mainly for educational purposes, and we aren't trying to break the law. So register today and get editing!


  • July 14, 2018 - Just reached 200 articles!
  • August 19, 2018 - Reached 300 articles!

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The Source Code is a open-source code wiki that anyone can edit, each article containing the full source code of a website! The wiki was made for educational purposes only and not to create any copyright infringements.





Welcome to the The Source Code Wiki

This wiki is all about source code from various websites and pasted onto this complex open source code database.


The home page's work is currently in progress and you can help.

How to create an article

It's actually way easier than anybody thinks from first glance. First, go here:, then copy the link of a website you want to see the source code of, paste the link, press View, copy all the source code, type in the Website name even with it's extension when you click "Add Page" and put Source Code after the website name, go into Source Editor, and paste the source. Then, click Publish. It's that easy!-->